TVA – a spy among us?

It is more than a little unsettling that it appears that Iran, a sworn enemy of the US, has a trained Iranian engineer who was fired from working on the rebuilding of a nuclear reactor in Bajestani is a citizen of Iran, and although he apparently has dual citizenship, his actions definitely shows Iran is his preference.

 We are practically in a state of war with Iran and have been playing “chicken” with them for years. Bajestani, purportedly a nuclear expert, would seem to prefer to speed along Iran’s efforts to make atomic weapons rather than to help the U.S. finish a decades old nuclear plant here.

 TVA will not say much about Bajestani although he worked for TVA a considerable time. After Bajestani suddenly left the nuclear site at Watts Bar, questions came up about his past history, his public divorce proceedings, and his attempts to deceive TVA to get at $1.5 million in deferred compensation.

 Clearly, the man is a flight risk no matter how many electronic bracelets he has on. Now in the international arena, the judgment not to hold him for trial appears to placate Obama’s desire to “discuss” the Iran situation. The argument he could have flown does not equal the risk now because he has been arrested.

 The judge said it was a “close call” of whether or not to detain him and he came down on the side of a home detention. Think of the $1.5 million he likely will have to give up and taken from Iranian banks (unlikely); think of the years he likely will spend in an American prison. He already proved his ability to lie and get away with it. Not a flight risk?

 Chamberlainesque, the judge made a soft decision and will rue the day when Bajestani does not show up for trial.