TVA -has highest paid civil servant in history?

TVA – has highest paid civil servant in history?

June 8, 2016

Stemming the national debt is like trying to fight back the tide; it’s futile with a wild-spending administration. When will the bubble burst? It grows like unstoppable kudzu under a Congress without brakes. Kudzu was brought to us as a remedy for gully-washing in the soil of the South.

Good idea? Good federal idea? Hardly, kudzu has left an indelible scar on the land. Fast growing even on poor land, kudzu is indestructible and it eventually will destroy everything it touches including trees and buildings. Kudzu is so very typical of the federal government.

Analogous is the TVA now grown so wild that only a handful of non-elected people run unabated with a $10 billion income utility. And TVA is headed by the highest paid federal employee in history, $6 million annually. I believe most Americans think this is outrageous!

But this misses the main point. TVA claims it is “competitive” with other non-government electric utilities. Do they want to stifle free enterprise through a government agency?

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