TVA nuclear, just to boil and pressurize water?

TVA – nuclear, just to boil and pressurize water?
June 6, 2016

After “many moons,” as the Indians may once have said; named after an Indian creek, Watts Bar II nuclear reactor was not stillborn like its partner Bellefonte nuclear in Alabama.

TVA, crowing that it has the “honor” of finishing the last reactor last century and the first to finish one (Watts Bar II) 16 years into this century, is useless hyperbole. In fact, it’s a disgrace. Way beyond TVA’s competence, coupled with TVA’s plans to design and build small nuclear reactors, another crazy idea except to preserve jobs and after spending over $4.5 billion over 40 years on the now obsolete Bellefonte reactors, the project has been abandoned and put on the auction block. The outcome of the auction of 1600 acres and plant is dubious.

Likewise, Watts Bar II begun in 1996 shows all the signs of hardening of the arteries. It looks like it may be another year before all testing is complete before merging all of its power into the TVA grid. By then, TVA will have produced far too much electricity.

And now, perhaps because of a ploy by TVA or just plain weakness or uncertain fear of management (“fear itself”), “comments” on TVA’s proposed actions are becoming more and more prolific. What’s wrong is that TVA has the shakes and is fearful of being abolished. TVA questions the competence of its own management and to proceed with the projects.

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