TVA – builder of obsolete nuclear reactors?

TVA – builder of obsolete nuclear reactors?
May 24, 2016

Has anyone ever made a Rube Goldberg contraption actually work? Right now, because they are never constrained by expenses, TVA has tried and tried to make a sow’s ear into a silk purse; it cannot be done. Several decades of changes of nuclear in their operations systems and other modifications’ leaves TVA with a spruced up, shiny new Model “T” Ford built for dirt roads.

Look at Bellefonte, an uncompleted nuclear reactor in north Alabama which TVA decided to auction off after receiving an offer of $38M for the whole 1600 acres including plant and buildings. After spending nearly 50 years and $4.5+ billion of wasted money, TVA decided to not prove they were insane doing the same thing over and over again. (But still costing an outrageous sum.)
The problem is that no one is held responsible; not for anything. Nobody is accountable and is never ever fired. This latest twin reactor has been in “progress” for almost as long as Bellefonte and promises to have to operate with some obsolete systems. I guess they’ll just have to make the parts. While TVA touts that this is the first “new” reactor this century, it certainly offers nothing novel. Do you see any more reactors coming on line any time soon? SHOW ME!

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TVA – houseboat dream-shatterer

TVA – houseboat dream-shatterer
May 18, 2016

Neither fish nor fowl, the TVA is a soulless and godless deceiver of the human spirit; pretending to be a benevolent spreader of goodwill; helpful to all mankind. Nothing could be further from the reality that TVA is no more than bricks and mortar, a monument to Gaia. And the some 4 million ratepayers fund every non-power activity TVA thinks appropriate for TVA’s benefit as if it were an eleemosynary – all in an 80,000 sq. mi. territory from western Virginia to mid-Mississippi.

The deception began as “stewardships” which supposedly means somehow to aid is a TVA deceit; TVA has control of anything or anyone it claims “partnership” with. TVA has only to threaten to withdraw its support (money.) By inveigling itself with local matters, TVA wears the hat of “the good guy” while issuing its mandates which are not subject to appeal.

But what of the thousands of boathouses on TVA lakes where much blood and tears and money have been spent over generations? Well, TVA is up to its old tricks again. With a face as solemn as the Sphinx, a small group of non-elected but politically appointed citizens just declared (mandated) that houseboats would no longer be allowed on TVA lakes. Oh but wait! The TVA Board in an unappealable decision voted to ban houseboats with the caveat that owners have until 40 years to remove, sell all houseboats. Suddenly considering them a boating hazard, it’s like taking candy from a baby. “No you can’t have a houseboat anymore because I said so.”

But since the edifice called “TVA” is no more than steel and concrete, it must have a human face and it does in the form of a handful of hand-picked, unelected political appointees who hide behind the TVA monolith. And none of them have been held accountable for the billions in waste and mismanagement since May 1933. After all, it’s not THEIR money. Call this a bad deal for TVA’s ratepayers! They pay for all the bungling, the incompetence’s of a federal agency gone haywire; whose elected officials in seven states love the money that TVA generates more than the true taxes that would be paid if TVA were a private enterprise.

If TVA’s ratepayers would open their eyes to the probability of reduced electric rates, that it is THEY that have the power to hold their power suppliers accountable, not try and fight the federal government. There have been many challenges to the feds and all of them lost. They hold all the chips.

One solution, of course, is to liquidate TVA and sell its assets. Any subsidies that remain can be taken up by other agencies. And the many other necessary non-power activities can easily be absorbed by others.

OH yes, the highest paid federal employee in the U.S. at $6 million annually would have to seek employment elsewhere.

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