America’s highest paid federal worker commits fraud?

America’s highest paid federal worker commits fraud?
April 25, 2016

“I want to keep electricity rates low; stay competitive,” or words to that effect says TVA CEO Johnson by not paying the $6 billion pension bill. If that’s not a clear case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” there isn’t one. Also, it happens to be a clear case of fraud naively admitted to.

And to add insult to injury, TVA plans to buy solar electricity at a premium price and to resell it to TVA customers. But ratepayers needn’t worry, TVA pays for it from funds headed to the pension account, etc. now estimated at over $6 billion in arrears. It does not matter how much extra TVA pays for solar power, wind driven power from the Midwest. But these power sources meet the ideological goal of being “renewable,” an admin mandate.

When a comparison is made between TVA and “competitive” electric utilities, even if it’s like comparing oranges with apples, you’ll find that non-government-run electric utilities are cheaper than what TVA charges. Why then TVA any longer? TVA no longer benefits its customers; amply proves how wasteful and inefficient TVA is by over-spending billions of dollars. And most explicitly, that NOBODY is held responsible, no one is ever fired.

On top of this mess is the discovery that Chinese spies have been stealing nuclear secrets for years from TVA in their good old boy atmosphere. There has been a two-count indictment for espionage filed by the feds. Others have been implicated. Need a better reason to shutdown TVA? To let the free-enterprise electric utilities provide electricity to those now in TVA’s territory? Chances are their rates would be lower, off the TVA grid promises better and quicker service and TVA mandates would be gone.

The TVA CEO promises to be more “competitive” with whom,? Those inside TVA, those within the federal government or those non-federal government electric utilities? And paying for lower electricity rates out of the pension fund is unconscionable and a fraud.

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