TVA – espionage – pension deficit

TVA – short way to fall with pension “shortfall”
April 18, 2016

Ironically, it may not be something such as finding that espionage agents have infiltrated TVA. One person has been indicted, a Chinese nuclear engineer who has been an operative in TVA for many years selling nuclear secrets, but the real issue may be TVA’s failure to keep the now $6 billion pension account up to date, in fact, TVA plans to cut pensioner benefits.

Many have complained, lately two congressmen, about TVA’s explosive salary increases. The so-called CEO of TVA is the highest paid federal employee in America. Congress wrings their hands in despair at his $6 billion plus salary but nobody there has the will to bring up the subject knowing there would be a royal battle with the Progressives.

Congress has been stuck in the mire of politics, let’s see, for decades. Meanwhile, TVA has been running wild, borrowing more and building more and more debt.

Now the country has been thrown into a very serious national security risk because of the longstanding dilatory action of TVA management. Congress has put a blind eye to the wastrel TVA because they believe “No appropriations needed,” TVA says so.

The obvious and immediate answer should be to repeal the TVA of 1933; there are many non-power peripheral activities others could handle (state, federal or local,) they could decide whether to continue their funding.

Congress should take action NOW!

Talk to you representatives up and down the line for the sake of America!

Norsworthy Opinion

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