Falling stones at Castle-TVA

Falling stones at Castle-TVA
April 19, 2016

Crumbling all around, TVA’s federal castle has pulled up the drawbridge and has entered the cone of silence zone about a two count espionage charge against a former TVA nuclear engineer.
TVA employees must be shaking in their boots, fearful for their higher paying jobs. TVA’s leader is the highest paid federal employee in the U.S. at over $6 million annually.

Don’t tell me Congress hasn’t been paying attention, don’t tell me Congress is not concerned about national security, PLEASE! It’s not unusual for TVA to duck out of anything such as espionage spies in their midst. They call it a “corporation” but TVA is as different from a regular corporation as a State is from the federal government even though TVA has been a confusing mix since 1933 when FDR pegged TVA as “neither fish nor fowl.” Of course, FDR was wrong.

Today, all of that rhetoric is irrelevant when it comes to putting our national security at risk which is exactly what the TVA, our own government, has done.
Now who runs our federal government beside “We the People…?” Chinese spies seem to have done irreparable damage to our most secret nuclear projects and TVA is right in the middle of the debacle.

Honestly, Congress should repeal the 1933 TVA Act and get us out of operational control of producing electricity which TVA does not seem capable of doing. It is inevitable this track of over borrowing and reckless spending puts TVA on target for blackmail. DO IT, CONGRESS, DO IT NOW!

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