TVA puts national security atrisk

TVA has a history of breached security
April 17, 2016

The operative question is: Who in TVA authorized the hiring the Chinese nuclear engineer? Do you think “heads will roll” at TVA? The answer is probably not; TVA let a native Iranian nuclear engineer get away with millions before he was caught apparently laundering money through a Canadian bank.
When will a negligent Congress step up and stop the run-away TVA from more irreparable damage to America? Congress has no oversight over TVA.
You say, TVA needs no congressional appropriations, why bother? The TVA Act of 1933 was so loosely drawn that managers at TVA see it any way they want to. Results so far have cost somebody billions of wasted dollars and security risks to our country.

I have said this before but apparently not loud enough, WHEN WILL RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP STAND UP AND CALL FOR THE REPEAL OF THE TVA ACT?
Find a lot to back this up at If you’d like, send me a comment at
Isn’t it about time we closed out this unfortunate experiment?

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