TVA – competent to handle nuclear reactors?

TVA – competent to handle nuclear reactors?
April 12, 2016

Rarely is the time when nuclear subs fail, even after decades of use. The small nuclear reactor seems like a new proposition just discovered by TVA. Their plan to construct a small nuclear reactor facility in Tennessee is another insane move by TVA, among many such bungles in the past. Think of the Bellefonte nuclear plant in Alabama that was under construction for over forty years before they decided it was outdated and unnecessary anyway, they say.

TVA abandoned a $4.5 billion dollar nuclear jobs program, well that is what it turns out to be and it’s not over yet. Much unwinding has to be done including an attempt to sell something comparable to selling a Model T Ford. But hey, an old Ford might be worth more than the hulk of a cannibalized nuclear plant!

Typical of the federal government is that the several agencies and departments covet their turf more than they want to cooperate with each other. Perhaps TVA ignored the knowledge well available at the Navy Department; they’ve been manufacturing SNR’s for decades. TVA is not smart enough to front for the private companies that want to build subsidized reactors.

There is proof enough, however, that TVA should never again undertake a program as risky, dangerous and complicated with uncertain results as a nuclear reactor. No matter the size.

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