TVA -a faux competition

TVA – a faux competition
April 8, 2016

Is this TVA’s backdoor to claiming competition in the electric utility field? Maybe someone needs to explain to TVA that it is a federal government agency. TVA crosses that Constitutional line when it makes wild assumptions about “competition.” You probably remember the old saw; “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Try as TVA might, it cannot say it is a competitive business just as no business can claim to be part of the federal government. Can TVA “partner” with a competitive business and therefore claim to be part of that entrepreneurial venture and exercise some control over it? Is TVA playing a game pretending to be “competitive”?

For years, TVA has declared it is “self-sufficient,” that it needs no funding from the Congress. Is TVA afraid to ask for any appropriations?

I have propounded a concept where the TVA production of electricity becomes part of the free market; would completely sever the federal connection. This idea would have eligible production employees’ shift to the free-market Company or companies and on choosing they would no longer be federal employees. They could try and stay with the original TVA which would then continue to do all the peripheral and non-energy production it has been doing. Doubtless, Congressional appropriations will be required to pay for these remnants if Congress agrees; maybe shift some of TVA’s present chores to other more capable state or federal agencies.

First, a majority of TVA employees would have to vote whether or not to break away from TVA (not necessarily from the federal government.) The new company, with its new board and CEO, must figure out how many electricity customers it is able to keep by each (if more than one new utility.) Each of TVA’s present sovereign states must approve the electricity rates by their rate-approval authorities, i.e., PSC’s for any utility company serving their state.

Because TVA as a federal agency has bragged for many years of its “self-sufficiency” by going deeper and deeper in debt, another alternative for the privatizing of TVA would be to quickly and cleanly turn over production of all electricity to the “new” TVA with their electrical production employees to form a new free-market Company or companies which would require approval of each of the seven sovereign states in the present TVA territory.

I have discussed this concept in earlier articles of Norsworthy Opinion

Have any comments?

Norsworthy Opinion

Here are a few things Congress can fix right now:

• Of the tens of thousands of federal employees the CEO of TVA makes million more than any of them
• TVA oversight committees and sub committees need to wake up and recognize how wildly and inappropriately TVA has been operated
• A large swath of the South is being controlled by non-elected representatives. TVA customers have no path to appealing electricity rates
• Since the TVA is run by non-elected and part time political appointees Congress must put a leash on runaway TVA – NOW
• Check the records; the constitutionality of TVA has never been challenged, only the validity of a contract

EN 4/8/16

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