TVA -Ha, ’tis spring with many parks to open

TVA – Ha, ‘tis spring with many parks to open
April 4, 2016

As usual, TVA tends to change the subject and forgets that its primary job is producing electricity, not providing better hiking trails. In fact, there are many other federal agencies NOT getting into selling electricity. Eaten up with debt, there is no way out for TVA but liquidation. This is a long story of self-destruction through politics, Washington policing and conniving by a puppet TVA “board” that was elected by no one.

With a $10 billion budget and a recently floated billion dollar bond, it’s no wonder it smells like the freedom of spring-green in the air; money to burn and having fun tiptoeing through the tulips. Alas, TVA ratepayers are left wondering when and how much electricity rates will zoom through the roof what with all the frivolous spending by TVA. Congress chooses not to halter that runaway horse since there are no appropriations requiring a vote. And TVA is scared to death Congress will assert its proper oversight role.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of coal miners and their families are being deprived of honest work because of an ideology which insists that “climate change” (a dubious assumption) is imminent and that America is causing it. First, there is nothing factual about the CC charge and is driven only by a liberal-based ideology. With that kind of thinking, the consequences of that action doesn’t matter to the ideologue.

Ah, well, its spring and that matters most…

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