TVA – watch out the fact train is coming

TVA – watch out the fact train is coming

Half myth and lies abound. TVA is run by non-elected people appointed by the president and not confirmed by anybody. Control is directly from Washington and completely ignores the sovereignty of seven states in the 80,000 sq. miles of the FDR designated territory. Step back a bit and look at the whacky reasoning behind FDR’s attempt to have “little TVA’s” all over the country; to attempt to introduce a socialized America to a “fish nor fowl” society.

A gullible electorate swallowed a contract dispute of whether TVA could sell surplus electricity or not; and voila!, we have this indescribable anomaly known as the TVA, unlike any other federal entity. Here are some facts to ponder:

• TVA recently floated a billion dollar bond, free and clear
• There were no directions of how the billion dollars is to be spent
• TVA has gone on a spree in dropping money on non-electricity projects such as a bridge for hikers; why not follow that up with golf carts? (Making it too easy for hikers spoils the idea of just hiking; anyway, why is TVA usurping other agencies whose role is maintaining parks and recreational facilities?)
• TVA started out selling electricity. Now electricity is barely mentioned as its main reason for existence
• TVA pays for the power produced by a solar system. Who pays to subsidize it? Does the subsidy come from that billion dollar bond? Ratepayers?
• DOE says it will help pay for wind-driven DC power from a 1000 miles away to a hub in Memphis where TVA is to build an AC converter. Is this partly subsidized by TVA from the billion dollar bond?
• With declining sales, TVA receives about $10 billion annually from ratepayers in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.
• Not very successfully, TVA tries to keep rates to 155 distributors and others “competitive” by bonded indebtedness and otherwise skirting the $30 billion cap set by congress
• The TVA motto is “kill coal” and the thousands of jobs so important in this economy by claiming “climate change,” an ideology that does not understand that a clear Utopia-land required by EPA is only imaginary. EPA does not connect a single dot of their many suppositions with realities. Very weak congressional leadership refuses to stop EPA in their relentless quest to have a pristine America. And likewise, TVA.

It is amazing how one federal agency, TVA, can warp a region, a whole economy with misbegotten, misdirected government policy.

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