TVA – taxpayer and ratepayer delight!

TVA – taxpayer and ratepayer delight!
March 24, 2016

• Expression of cynicism, no, an expression of facts.
• NRC gathers hearsay from TVA employees that safety reporting has been squelched.
• NRC does not report how much taxpayer money has been spent researching what they “heard” from TVA employees.
• NRC doesn’t say how long it took them to finally send TVA a “chilling” letter.
• Personally, I know from former and present TVA employees that intimidation is a tool TVA uses to blunt criticism of TVA.
• I know of one TVA employee that was intimidated into retiring early because he complained about safety issues. He found a hangman’s noose in his workplace desk drawer and became fearful for his family.
• NRC’s pontifications spurred them into writing the “chilling” letter to TVA. My, NRC is too far behind the curve to ever catch up.
• Meanwhile, TVA is doing what it has been doing for many decades.
• Bad government following a worse one leads to one conclusion; privatize!

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