TVA and outsourcing

TVA and outsourcing
March 16, 2016

An interesting historical point (to me) with Westinghouse…
I was offered a good job with Westinghouse in Pittsburgh just before graduating college but in an afterthought, turned the job down. The thought of subjecting my young family to those belching smokestacks spouting pollution back then was just too much.
This article is about the outsourcing to Westinghouse of several O&M contracts and the outsourcing to others. Boy, does that cut down on TVA staffing! When TVA farms out everything, TVA, proclaiming self-sufficiency for many, many years, only a skeleton TVA remains. The question is, then, is TVA only there to feed the highest paid federal employee ever and his cadre?
Here’s the catch – TVA ratepayers are being played the fool; they have to pay for ideological whims supported by the admin. “Climate control” immediately comes to mind, among others. Private industry would never reach such absurdities unless forced by this regulation-riddled government. It was said long ago that TVA was a socialistic program. So when you add up all the anti-American clap-trap, it makes one wonder why TVA still exists – except for one thing – that MONEY is corruptible and fungible.
Let me tick off a few of the anomalies…

• The sovereignty of seven states in the South has effectively been abolished.
• The federally elected representatives in those seven states are impotent to doing the right thing.Overwhelmingly Republican, the majority of these representatives have cast a blind eye on the principles of conservatism
• Tennessee for example, could best be described as a RINO state whose two federal senators support the socialistic TVA
• FDR called TVA “neither fish nor fowl,” (what the heck is it then?) Until they figure that one out, Congress should put the “freeze” on TVA, that’s right, they should halt all activities until they figure out where TVA fits into this federal government
• Open TVA’s nuclear book to see the epitome of malfeasance and billions and billions of waste

What will the next egregious chapter in the sordid TVA trail of miss-judgments, miss-managements and incompetency’s reveal? Tune in here for the next installments.

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