TVA – a web of deceit

TVA – a web of deceit
March 15, 2016

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” (Scott)

Let’s start at the beginning…

In trying to justify, rationalize, the odd-ball TVA, a federal agency authorized by the U.S. Congress, it is easy to come up with a litany, sometimes baffling array of incompetence’s, in a completely miss-handling of federal largess amounting to $10 billion annually. The clear line between federal, state and local government’s sovereignties, so far as TVA is concerned, has been completely abolished. So when TVA decides it will go its whimsical way, the sovereignty of the South is ignored.

 FDR called TVA “neither fish nor fowl;” obviously oxymoronic.
 The tasks of TVA were beyond the competence of the part time, so-called Board of Directors appointed by a political president.
 So the web begins to form, especially after 1959 when TVA declared it was self-sufficient; no longer will congressional appropriations be required, that is, no more tapping the federal budget.
 “Follow the money” is often said but nobody wants to follow that arduous trail of where that $10 billion a year goes. Does it go to the pay-off to a thousand hands? Since this a deadly mix of federal, state and local politics, why not pluck out the one who has caused all the trouble?
 The deceit continues its tangled web with a billion dollar loan free and clear. This means TVA can dabble locally with a freebie here and there. The billion dollar bond will last TVA a very, very long time, long enough for all the players to cash in their chips. Of course, this leaves the ratepayers with nothing but a pig in a poke.

This next section deals mostly about TVA’s nuclear fiascoes. If TVA was anything like it calls itself, a “company,” it would have been abolished decades ago. Can you imagine under any other circumstances another $5 billion electricity project that has not produced a single watt of electricity in nearly 50 years? And now it’s FOR SALE? Talk about management incompetence!

 TVA has called in every kind of nuclear expert to help them understand that they can’t understand it after all!
 Bellefonte, fifty years in the building, is now for sale without producing a watt of power and costing $5 billion. Is this TVA’s work maintenance program like the earlier WPA in the 30’s? Maybe they never intended Bellefonte to be anything but a jobs program. TVA never picked up on the “learning curve;” if there ever was one.

Nuclear never can be rationalized for its cheapness; costs go on seemingly forever. The other side of the nuclear coin is danger, constant danger to the frailties of humans and we are dependent on humans to never make a mistake, a misstep. Totally Utopian thinking!

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