TVA – watch out the fact train is coming

TVA – watch out the fact train is coming

Half myth and lies abound. TVA is run by non-elected people appointed by the president and not confirmed by anybody. Control is directly from Washington and completely ignores the sovereignty of seven states in the 80,000 sq. miles of the FDR designated territory. Step back a bit and look at the whacky reasoning behind FDR’s attempt to have “little TVA’s” all over the country; to attempt to introduce a socialized America to a “fish nor fowl” society.

A gullible electorate swallowed a contract dispute of whether TVA could sell surplus electricity or not; and voila!, we have this indescribable anomaly known as the TVA, unlike any other federal entity. Here are some facts to ponder:

• TVA recently floated a billion dollar bond, free and clear
• There were no directions of how the billion dollars is to be spent
• TVA has gone on a spree in dropping money on non-electricity projects such as a bridge for hikers; why not follow that up with golf carts? (Making it too easy for hikers spoils the idea of just hiking; anyway, why is TVA usurping other agencies whose role is maintaining parks and recreational facilities?)
• TVA started out selling electricity. Now electricity is barely mentioned as its main reason for existence
• TVA pays for the power produced by a solar system. Who pays to subsidize it? Does the subsidy come from that billion dollar bond? Ratepayers?
• DOE says it will help pay for wind-driven DC power from a 1000 miles away to a hub in Memphis where TVA is to build an AC converter. Is this partly subsidized by TVA from the billion dollar bond?
• With declining sales, TVA receives about $10 billion annually from ratepayers in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.
• Not very successfully, TVA tries to keep rates to 155 distributors and others “competitive” by bonded indebtedness and otherwise skirting the $30 billion cap set by congress
• The TVA motto is “kill coal” and the thousands of jobs so important in this economy by claiming “climate change,” an ideology that does not understand that a clear Utopia-land required by EPA is only imaginary. EPA does not connect a single dot of their many suppositions with realities. Very weak congressional leadership refuses to stop EPA in their relentless quest to have a pristine America. And likewise, TVA.

It is amazing how one federal agency, TVA, can warp a region, a whole economy with misbegotten, misdirected government policy.

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TVA – taxpayer and ratepayer delight!

TVA – taxpayer and ratepayer delight!
March 24, 2016

• Expression of cynicism, no, an expression of facts.
• NRC gathers hearsay from TVA employees that safety reporting has been squelched.
• NRC does not report how much taxpayer money has been spent researching what they “heard” from TVA employees.
• NRC doesn’t say how long it took them to finally send TVA a “chilling” letter.
• Personally, I know from former and present TVA employees that intimidation is a tool TVA uses to blunt criticism of TVA.
• I know of one TVA employee that was intimidated into retiring early because he complained about safety issues. He found a hangman’s noose in his workplace desk drawer and became fearful for his family.
• NRC’s pontifications spurred them into writing the “chilling” letter to TVA. My, NRC is too far behind the curve to ever catch up.
• Meanwhile, TVA is doing what it has been doing for many decades.
• Bad government following a worse one leads to one conclusion; privatize!

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The Utopianism of TVA

The Utopianism of TVA
March 17, 2016

TVA is not magical although some would have you believe it was. TVA was not the beginning of dam building along the Tennessee River. It started as a munitions project in WW1. Utopia for TVA didn’t start until the 1930s. A federal senator from Nebraska dug in his heels by preventing the entrepreneurial development of the unfinished dam, later named Norris Dam, in the Shoals of north Alabama. Well, it was FDR’s cockamamie idea also to keep the old munitions property in the hands of the federal government. TVA was to be the center post of numerous “little TVA’s” all over the United States. But Congress had the good sense to squelch that part of the original TVA. The country was in the deepest part of the Depression of the 1930s and frankly, Congress didn’t know what to do (much as today) and allowed the TVA to become enacted into law on the narrowest ruling of a sales contract. Constitutionality? It was never tested. The TVA Act of 1933 was so loosely worded that it was subject to many interpretations.

So it took only three directors appointed by the U.S. president; so it was soon discovered there was too much squabbling among the three and the president fired one of them. TVA advocates got the law changed to nine directors run by a CEO and look what we have! The highest paid federal employee in the history of America; that’s what the TVA Act of 1933 has got us! Who is in charge here? Keep asking that question for a non-answer.

Clear and simple, TVA has never had anyone in charge; never had anyone held responsible and that’s the way it has been from the start. You will not find a name attached to anything TVA has done wrong. Slide on by, slip through the responsibility noose while wasting billions, that’s the federal government style, that’s TVA’s motto “nobody gets fired from TVA.” That’s the Utopianism in TVA.

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TVA and outsourcing

TVA and outsourcing
March 16, 2016

An interesting historical point (to me) with Westinghouse…
I was offered a good job with Westinghouse in Pittsburgh just before graduating college but in an afterthought, turned the job down. The thought of subjecting my young family to those belching smokestacks spouting pollution back then was just too much.
This article is about the outsourcing to Westinghouse of several O&M contracts and the outsourcing to others. Boy, does that cut down on TVA staffing! When TVA farms out everything, TVA, proclaiming self-sufficiency for many, many years, only a skeleton TVA remains. The question is, then, is TVA only there to feed the highest paid federal employee ever and his cadre?
Here’s the catch – TVA ratepayers are being played the fool; they have to pay for ideological whims supported by the admin. “Climate control” immediately comes to mind, among others. Private industry would never reach such absurdities unless forced by this regulation-riddled government. It was said long ago that TVA was a socialistic program. So when you add up all the anti-American clap-trap, it makes one wonder why TVA still exists – except for one thing – that MONEY is corruptible and fungible.
Let me tick off a few of the anomalies…

• The sovereignty of seven states in the South has effectively been abolished.
• The federally elected representatives in those seven states are impotent to doing the right thing.Overwhelmingly Republican, the majority of these representatives have cast a blind eye on the principles of conservatism
• Tennessee for example, could best be described as a RINO state whose two federal senators support the socialistic TVA
• FDR called TVA “neither fish nor fowl,” (what the heck is it then?) Until they figure that one out, Congress should put the “freeze” on TVA, that’s right, they should halt all activities until they figure out where TVA fits into this federal government
• Open TVA’s nuclear book to see the epitome of malfeasance and billions and billions of waste

What will the next egregious chapter in the sordid TVA trail of miss-judgments, miss-managements and incompetency’s reveal? Tune in here for the next installments.

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TVA – a web of deceit

TVA – a web of deceit
March 15, 2016

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” (Scott)

Let’s start at the beginning…

In trying to justify, rationalize, the odd-ball TVA, a federal agency authorized by the U.S. Congress, it is easy to come up with a litany, sometimes baffling array of incompetence’s, in a completely miss-handling of federal largess amounting to $10 billion annually. The clear line between federal, state and local government’s sovereignties, so far as TVA is concerned, has been completely abolished. So when TVA decides it will go its whimsical way, the sovereignty of the South is ignored.

 FDR called TVA “neither fish nor fowl;” obviously oxymoronic.
 The tasks of TVA were beyond the competence of the part time, so-called Board of Directors appointed by a political president.
 So the web begins to form, especially after 1959 when TVA declared it was self-sufficient; no longer will congressional appropriations be required, that is, no more tapping the federal budget.
 “Follow the money” is often said but nobody wants to follow that arduous trail of where that $10 billion a year goes. Does it go to the pay-off to a thousand hands? Since this a deadly mix of federal, state and local politics, why not pluck out the one who has caused all the trouble?
 The deceit continues its tangled web with a billion dollar loan free and clear. This means TVA can dabble locally with a freebie here and there. The billion dollar bond will last TVA a very, very long time, long enough for all the players to cash in their chips. Of course, this leaves the ratepayers with nothing but a pig in a poke.

This next section deals mostly about TVA’s nuclear fiascoes. If TVA was anything like it calls itself, a “company,” it would have been abolished decades ago. Can you imagine under any other circumstances another $5 billion electricity project that has not produced a single watt of electricity in nearly 50 years? And now it’s FOR SALE? Talk about management incompetence!

 TVA has called in every kind of nuclear expert to help them understand that they can’t understand it after all!
 Bellefonte, fifty years in the building, is now for sale without producing a watt of power and costing $5 billion. Is this TVA’s work maintenance program like the earlier WPA in the 30’s? Maybe they never intended Bellefonte to be anything but a jobs program. TVA never picked up on the “learning curve;” if there ever was one.

Nuclear never can be rationalized for its cheapness; costs go on seemingly forever. The other side of the nuclear coin is danger, constant danger to the frailties of humans and we are dependent on humans to never make a mistake, a misstep. Totally Utopian thinking!

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