TVA or EPA – false choices both of them

TVA or EPA – false choices both of them
February 29, 2016

TVA says “EPA made me do it.” EPA says “I’m in charge here!” Meanwhile, Congress is sitting on its thumbs oblivious to the great harm it has done and is doing to the governance of America. Why? A weak and directionless elected body of federal representatives, that’s why. It adds to the anger and frustration of voters throughout America; an upheaval is coming and voters are saying, “throw the rascals (the establishment) out!”

The TVA board of directors, a feckless bunch, is as irresponsible as those gone before. You see, the directors just slide on through, rarely dissenting among themselves; never with the TVA CEO. Presumably, the latter gets his ideological directions from the Washington admin.

Look at the broad picture. FDR knew from the start with his idea of “little TVA’s” all over the country, America would become socialistic (that’s why TVA alone was called a “socialistic” program from the beginning.) And it’s a funny thing, presidents as far back as Eisenhower advocated abolishing TVA, but no one was strong enough to follow through the obvious clash between the federal government and the seven sovereign states comprising the unwieldy TVA territory.

Because of a lack of responsibility (just slide on by,) TVA was flawed from the start. Oh yes, there were those responsible for everything but there was and is no accountability anywhere in TVA. Hence, no one is ever fired from TVA (the states certainly have no jurisdiction.) Actually, the federal government doesn’t fire anyone either. I saw it “in action” in Washington. In one case, a regional director crossed a political appointee, was called to Washington and was given a fancy office in a fashionable hotel. There was a caveat; his office had no Inbox or Outbox. Eventually he retired with a “plum” retirement package.

Government management and management in private industry are entirely different; does it have to do with OPM?

TVA has ushered that attitude and management style in an 80,000 sq. mi. in the South. It’s time to boot TVA!

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