Some questions for TVA Chairman Ritch

Some questions for TVA Chairman Ritch

December 5, 2015


“TVA Chairman Joe Ritch acknowledged that TVA’s executive staff is well paid by government standards. If correctly quoted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press and I believe it is correct, I have some questions for Mr. Ritch:

  • “(You) acknowledged that TVA’s executive staff is well paid by “government standards.” As a federal employee yourself, by whose standards should TVA operate under outside the scope of “federal standards?” Please explain (a) the methods of TVA operation and for any differences in “federal standards” that apply; (b) Does it not cause pause that TVA’s CEO is the highest paid federal government employee? And (c) by what authority do you have to set the salary range of any TVA employee; by what “federal standards” do they diverge?
  • But you insisted that TVA is not a typical government agency and the federally owned utility must compete with higher-paying, investor-owned utilities to keep and retain top talent. Acting like an investor-owned utility which TVA is not, please cite the legal authority justifying run-away salary increases.
  • Would you entertain the idea of a complete breakaway from TVA turning it into a stockholding private utility? TVA is claimed to be “self-sustaining” anyway.

Your answers to these questions with any comments you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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