TVA – so when is a sheep a goat?

Chattanooga Free Press, a good job as usual in Dave Flessner’s reporting on what’s there but there is no “there, there” when TVA spouts its propaganda. I know it must be difficult to counterbalance what TVA says with the reality that TVA is traveling under false pretenses by claiming they can turn sheep into goats.

It’s impossible to argue with a false premise. Everybody at TVA talks about “competitiveness” when they’re talking about a federal agency program which never should compete with its own citizens. Long ago, TVA lost its legacy of helping the country through some tough spots and trying now to justify what it isn’t.
No, TVA is not a private utility (although it tries its darndest to be one,) it uses the language of a private utility which it is not. As the 10,000 federal employees will attest, “I ain’t givin’ my bonus back!”

Not until people like Rep John Duncan (R-TN) and many more like him rise up and see that the federal government has fooled them once more; it’s the ratepayer who was left holding the bag. By the way, who decides whether ratepayers are sheep or goats?
Rather than poring over the latest light bill and wondering when the next rate increase is coming, ratepayers should be challenging the enormous “bonuses” paid to federal TVA employees; money that rightfully should go to ratepayers.

I have followed TVA for many years and it unquestionably is increasing its power-grabbing through financial manipulations, its sprinkling of money throughout the huge TVA territory. Who gets most of TVA’s largess? The state that stands the most to lose – Tennessee. How can TVA budget all of these non-essential expenditures? One answer is that TVA just received the proceeds from a 50-year non-callable bond sale. TVA can play around with that kind of money for a very long time.

Forget the $30 billion cap set by Congress, its meaningless now. TVA has figured out ways to go around that cap taking the impotent congress out of the picture. TVA keeps trying to act like a private utility and they should be given a chance to see if they can operate without ANY government help.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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