TVA – silence is golden?

October 25, 2015

Why is it that TVA makes one “curiouser and curiouser” the longer TVA’s side of the Google deal is kept secret? Sure, TVA is a federal agency and they manage to do what they want to do anyway, but remember, whatever TVA does is a direct charge to ratepayers; they have no choice as captives of a monopoly. Ratepayers deserve to be kept informed at the very least. After all, it’s their money TVA is committing or spending despite what TVA says. It’s true that Google swore everybody to secrecy in making the deal with TVA; maybe TVA doesn’t know when they can speak for fear of retribution from Google and it seems so from the others involved. Shut up! Or I’ll take back my $600 million warehouse! Is that what Google is implying?

Google has committed to build a $600 million warehouse on 350 acres of the closed Widows Creek coal-fired plant and “repurposing” it. That’s a key word from Google, just what does “repurposing” mean? The number of technicians to run the warehouse is probably fewer than 100 employees. There is no question about the impact of Google’s expansion on the community, state of Alabama and the region.

What’s in it for TVA is unclear and it will stay that way until TVA decides to talk. How much did Google pay, if anything, for the TVA “easement” peculiarity, a sales transaction? It must have been an impressive amount; hundreds of federal employees working on the deal, all sworn to secrecy. Can you imagine that many people keeping silent? Especially, feds?

Norsworthy Opinion

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