TVA – sick from too much green paint?

TVA – sick from too much green paint?

October 16, 2015

Want to hear a fairy tale? Once upon a time in Utopialand where everything is greener than green frogs, they were trying to raise a little money. They figured they’d sell a product but it would only seem to be one.

“This’ll do it!” cried a Utopian. We can just pretend we’re selling a product; we’ll sell it in blocks! It makes no matter that there really is no “product” but we can make it look that way. How about $4 per block? Don’t want to be too pricey. When they buy a block of imaginary stuff, (I know, I know, they think it’s real; it’s just a pig in a poke! Ha, ha! The jokes on you!)

Because we have other things going on here, we’ll have to account for every block of imagination we sell at $4 per imaginary “block.” We call it a “block” because it sounds so real; it can be paid sooo easily once a month as part of another bill. But wait! Money is fungible; one dollar cannot be told from another! I’m sorry, we’ll be needing some of those dollars for other than a “green” purpose, it’s just part of the mix; some of the money might be a different shade of green.

Do you think we can get away with calling the “blocks” a “product” when they are only imaginary? Remember what P.T. Barnum said? Oh, then it’s a go?

The moral of the tale is “what you see is a mirage but you don’t believe it is.”

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