“How clean was my Valley” TVA and pollution

The Decatur Daily (Alabama) recently wrote admiringly about TVA’s quiet “clean air” progress; still in Utopialand.

TVA is not so quietly, but desperately trying to cling to the status quo in the face of two consecutive years of Obama’s suggestion that TVA might have outlasted its usefulness. Still, the actual reason is TVA’s overwhelming debt overhang which is about to exceed Congress’s $30 billion debt cap; this counts against the federal budget shortfall. That’s the real reason for the “outlived its usefulness” remark by OMB, which is, of course, also true.

TVA will spare no avenue to seek support to help save the 80 year old federal monolith. For example, TVA contracted (thanks to TVA ratepayers) with a financial market specialist, Lazard Frères, for a million dollar study, which, wonder of wonders, recommends keeping TVA. But their data do not necessarily bear out their ad hoc conclusions.

Is TVA air cleaner than, say, South Carolina air? (Or Lower Alabama air?) TVA can’t prove that it is or is not; they can only brag about TVA accomplishments. Ah, how clean was my Valley.

Why is TVA, a federal agency, doing such a “good job” of providing cleaner air? Well, it’s more often than not at the behest of the all-powerful EPA, which is likewise a higher ranked federal agency. If not throttled by Congress, EPA promises to control even the air we exhale and every drop of water that exists.

No, it’s a little different down here below in Utopialand where jobs do not magically come down as manna from heaven, but from man’s own hard work.

  Isn’t it time to be released from the spell TVA has cast on too many in the South? And let the innate instincts of entrepreneurship take over? For good reasons to abolish TVA, see the references below.

Ref: http://limitedgovt.com/ and http://www.thecre.com/insurance/?p=1293

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