Ho! Ho! Ho! a TVA Christmas?

TVA – and the worm turns toward 2014

December 13, 2013


HO! HO! HO! And a Merry Christmas to you all!


You won’t hear that greeting or any other greeting of holiday joy from the TVA. Secular to the core, TVA is not supposed to have any kind of humanistic feelings especially at times like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.


Then why do we bow to a monolithic non-entity such as TVA? Part of it is because of TVA’s domineering and intrusive presence in the lives of about 9 million citizens in the southeast. Its intimidation goes “hat-in-hand” deep; it even extends to the media. TVA’s autonomy as a federal agency makes it unique among all agencies in the federal hierarchy.


There are three major newspapers in Tennessee; Knoxville News Sentinel, Chattanooga Times Free Press, and the Tennessean in Nashville. Each of them in their own way squelch critics of TVA. KNS recently instigated a policy of “no commenting” without a paid subscription, the Free Press stopped receiving comments, period. These head-in-sand reactions deprive citizens of other points of view about TVA.


TVA news from these publications are read from coast to coast because TVA news affects energy decisions everywhere but comments about TVA are not elicited. Is this a form of censorship? I believe it is and I have some personal experiences which confirm that.


TVA itself is a national issue but is treated like a local

organization. TVA is, in fact, controlled by the president of the United States through a board of directors appointed by the president. Since 1933 when the TVA Act was passed, TVA has been transmogrified from one iteration to another to suit the whims of the directors and the president. Today, it’s “green” energy, tomorrow, who knows what.


Challenged by the Supreme Court, but not for its constitutionality, TVA has maintained its hold on the political class because of its so-called payments in lieu of taxes, bribery money paid directly to local and state governments avoiding state taxing laws. Alabama Gov. Riley once called the payments “slush funds.” This usurpation and warping of state power in seven southeastern states

has led to an accurately stated degree of “creeping socialism.”


It’s for the good of a “greener” society that it has tried to fool people into buying non-existent electricity by the “block.” Of course, TVA is glad to receive these donations from some of TVA’s gullible ratepayers at $4 per block of nothing; TVA is glad to receive that money; it’s just added to the customers’ monthly electric bill. And TVA adds it to the “mix” of their enormous expense budget. Why not call the GPS a “fee” and simply prorate the appropriate amount based on use? After all, everyone must pay their “fair share” for greenness’ sake.


When a correspondent told of finally realizing he had been duped by TVA and having paid several hundred dollars into the Green Power Switch program, he asked for his money back. We’ll follow his progress. The problem TVA has is trying to sell a “product” that is nonexistent. Translated in the vernacular, it’s a fraud.


Congratulations are in order to those who have challenged the Goliath TVA because of a breach of trust in TVA’s handling of lakeside properties and to those who challenged TVA’s heavy-handed way of handling the right-of way-clearance. Every dollar they spent is a monument to the fight for freedom from government; from government over control. And thanks for the perseverance of those suing TVA for the Kingston negligence debacle in Dec. 2008.


Merry Christmas!




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