TVA Land Auction

The 90 years of pent up excitement in a much smaller way has happened with TVA’s willingness to sell a bit of the 3000 acres of the TVA Reservation. For it was back then that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison promised a “Detroit of the South.”

They proposed using Wilson Dam, partially completed then, for electricity and the unused munitions properties to build the plant. Ask some old timers how the land speculation in the valley went wild.

Sen. George W. Norris NE (R), however, had a different idea. He wanted the property to remain in government hands and blocked all of Ford and Edison’s attempts to negotiate a sale. Then Norris joined with FDR to form the TVA in 1933. And, of course, the rest is history.

For 80 years the land on which the negotiations were about, lay substantially fallow. Look how long it took Muscle Shoals property to become saleable again because of Alabama’s adverse posession laws.

Could this be the beginning of the selloff of hundreds of thousands of acres of surplus TVA land? If it is, then TVA should not use the proceeds from the Reservation sale or other sales to finance TVA but to go directly to the Treasury Dept.