TVA Green Power Switch – Illegal Donations?

TVA Green Power Switch – Illegal donations?

August 24, 2013

 In the spring issue of Green Power Switch news, the editor pleads for electricity customers to lean on power company employees to promote the Green Power Switch program. Is that ethical?

 Clearly, the GPS program immediately should be abolished to stop the fraud it has placed on TVA customers/ratepayers. And to ask them to further the fraud is itself a fraud I believe.

 You be the judge:

 TVA encourages the purchase of imaginary electricity at a madeup price for “blocks” of imaginary electricity

  •  Misrepresenting that these “blocks” of imaginary electricity somehow inures to the customers’ benefit
  • That, in effect, TVA has devised a way to fool a small number of people into buying these “blocks” of imaginary electricity for what customers may think goes only for “green energy”
  • TVA refuses to fully account for all of the monies received through the Green Power Switch program
  • The GPS funds received by TVA only fractionally help subsidize TVA’s larger subsidized programs such as the Green Power Providers
  • The Green Power Switch program is abetted, perhaps unwittingly, by a 3rd party certifier that the GPS program is in fact “green”
  • TVA’s Office of the Inspector General, through a small survey about the GPS but will not revel its substance; the OIG remains the reporting contact with the 3rd party “green” certifier

 The sum and subsistence of the GPS program since the year 2000 has been fradulently to misrepresent a voluntary program to subsidize TVA itself. The GPS funds from TVA customers properly should be classified as donations, not as purchases but of course, that would be illegal.

 Induced through cajoling “green” aspiring TVA customers into the donations, TVA has continued to foster this fraud by claiming they are selling something (actually nothing) for money. This money properly should be refunded to those ratepayers. The donations should be declared income tax deductible. This places TVA, a federal government agency, in the awkward position of illegally asking for money through the ruse of selling imaginary electricity, or at least recognizing the GPS donations for what they are, donations.

 This fraudlent act of selling “nothing” for “something” by TVA should be prosecuted to the fullest extent; in addition, a complete refund of GPS money should be offered to all who have been fraudlently induced into the program.

 “Purchase” or donation? You decide.


Limited Government

2 thoughts on “TVA Green Power Switch – Illegal Donations?

  1. Thank you for being concerned about green power switch like I am currently. I am more fired up right now about the purchase vs. donation Of the GPS program I could explode like all of the nuclear power plants combined. That’s way too hot for a cool peaceful loving guy like myself. I feel I’ve been ripped off, I thought I was buying power I was using for the last 6 plus years. Recently I learned I was simply making a donation above and beyond my power usage. That has cost me more than 1300 dollars and I am a low income individual. I have given a TVA GPS 24 more hours to resolve this matter with me. Then I will pull out all the stops. I will expose it for what it is clearly. Note I believe in alternative power but not in the way it’s marketed. Please help me if you wish. I would be greatfull. Thank you, Pat Riley 615 397-0297

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