TVA receives unaccounted for GPS moneyApril 24, 2013 It

TVA receives unaccounted for GPS money

April 24, 2013

 It is spring again, and TVA’s Green Power Switch proudly pushes people and businesses out front, exploiting them as trophies. It is a shame they would let themselves be used in such an unseemly manner. The fact is, the Green Power Switch is no more that a way of concealing a fraudulent income to TVA.

 While only a fraction of TVA’s customers have been duped into buying so-called “blocks” of imaginary electricity, the sales are enough to fund some salary and promotion costs of the GPS. TVA says it is not nearly enough and must draw from other fund sources. The blocks of imaginary electricity are for real when it comes to paying for them however, the four bucks or so have to be paid every month; the light bill says so.

 Humm, come to think of it, that kind of encourages payment for the real electricity used. A scam from the start, TVA took advantage of the people’s desire to support so-called green energy and led some of them to believe they could actually receive “green” produced electricity. This was shown in the only very small survey that was taken by the TVA OIG several years ago.

 The OIG will not release the results of that survey or the contents of the questionaire; it is the OIG that reports to the outside auditing GreenEnergy firm, a nonprofit. It took months to receive a copy of what the OIG sent them. It took the FOIA to get it from the OIG. Odd that the OIG is the responsible reporting party but the OIG does not account for the money for the Green Power Switch received and spent.

 The one in charge of TVA’s GPS program, Jenny Wright, responded somewhat to questions but not all. Here is an article for reference The problem is that TVA cannot or will not account for all of the Green Power Switch money received from sales of their imaginary electricity.

The last newsletter issued about the Green Power Switch was the “winter 2012”; it is a regurgitation of the latest bit of information from TVA. Trumpeting “old news” is about all TVA can do when it comes to the Green Power Switch, its propaganda value not withstanding.

Tracking the GPS as best as the information allows, only reveals hit-or-miss actual numbers reported by TVA over a number of quarters. Is that one of the reasons TVA has to “subsidize” that failing program?

 But who can quibble with TVA if it still receives unaccounted for money if none of the willing GPS donors to TVA (a federal agency) complain? Speaking for me, I believe it is illegal on its face and it should be stopped immediately.

 Ernest Norsworthy

Limited Government


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