Watts Bar lies, Green Power Switch red eyes

Watts Bar lies, Green Power Switch red eyes
February 4, 2011

I see eyes blinking open everywhere but I do not see any action. Is it that people are stunned to silence? Or still just ho humming it like it will go away. TVA has the staying power of nearly 80 years and no one has even deflected its crazy course, instead it has been allowed like an uncontrollable child to grow up wild.

And wild it is. Is it “ho hum” they just sold $1.5 billion in 10-year bonds? What for? They mumbled something about paying off debt interest and “other things”. TVA’s debt is larger than California’s and of any other state in the Union. And yet TVA’s debt holding cannot satiate the Goliath, it never is enough. Does it sound like the national government’s appetite? 14 trillion is not enough.

Well, the operative question is, “Who owes this soon to be $30 billion TVA debt?” Can’t hide from it; it’s the ratepayers, all 9 million of them.

TVA is trying to be coy about saying Bajestani was not fired from his Watts Bar job, well, what then? Did he just stroll out the door under armed guards without notice? This man apparently has a history of a domineering style of management; “if you don’t like what I say, you’re fired!”

The real problem is TVA’s management who knew months ago that Bajestani had lied about his financial relations with TVA while holding a very sensitive position in the construction of nuclear plants in America. Oh, you say TVA management did not know about it months ago which could have been a good enough reason for firing him? Bad or lax management either way.
Ask TVA anything and they may or may not give you an answer. Likely not, when questioned about TVA’s expenditures. For example, I’ve been trying to get the TVA to give some straight answers about their so-called “Green Power Switch” program. After adding apparently everything but the kitchen sink into the GPS account, lo, it is nearly $700,000 in the red in just one year.

Beside asking where this “subsidized” (TVA’s word) TVA money came from, my questions go from the transfer of “green” money from customers hands to TVA’s black hole of a “mix” of programs maybe only coincidentally related to a “green” project or program. I’ve been working on this FOIA request since last June and hope to get some final answers in a few more months. I’m a patient man.

Meanwhile, I’ll be giving an update of where we are on the Green Power Switch inquiry. I have submitted another FOIA request for records the TVA OIG has regarding its certifications of TVA for the so-called Green energy certification for the Green Power Switch program with the certifying agency, the Center for Resource Solutions.

And we all should “Cheer up!”, “Cheer up”! Is that the sound of spring birds?

Ernest Norsworthy

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