TVA’s new Pulse Survey

“Results of December Pulse Survey
Evidence of improvement, but more effort needed to engage with frontline employees

The results are in from the TVA Pulse Survey conducted in December to help gauge TVA’s organizational health.
“We analyzed 2,557 responses and distributed more than 1,500 comments to Strategic Business Unit leaders,” says Steve McMillen, vice president of TVA’s Talent Management group.

“Overall, the results show increases in employee perceptions of organizational health improvement and our predicted organizational health score. This is great news, since it means we are trending in the right direction.”

The predicted Organizational Health Index average score of 62 percent in the December Pulse Survey, which was the second in a series, was approximately 20 percent better than the baseline measure from September 2009. McMillen also notes that the results from the December survey represent a modest, but statistically significant, increase from the 58 percent score in the first Pulse Survey conducted in October 2010.

“Analysis of the results shows that this increase is a result of employees having a better understanding of their individual roles, their latitude to make certain decisions and TVA’s vision,” McMillen says.
In addition, he says perceptions of organizational improvement increased to 48 percent – an increase of 8 percent from the October 2010 survey.

“These increases are present among both management and frontline employees,” says McMillen.
“It is also important to note that half of the organization among those surveyed in December still report seeing no change, or a decline, in our organizational health.”
McMillen adds that there’s no doubt that we still have work to do to improve the company’s organizational health across all employee levels.

“We need to maintain our focus on engaging and communicating with employees, motivating and developing a top-notch talent pool, and generating new ideas that will lead to continuous improvement throughout TVA,” he says.

“One immediate action is to increase communication with all employees by working with line management to cascade the key messages of the Pulse survey results to all TVA employees.

“Managers can help by sharing and discussing the survey results for their groups with their employees.”
McMillen thanks all those who participated in the December Pulse Survey and provided their candid opinions.

About one-third of the workforce had the opportunity to participate in each of the first two Pulse Surveys. The third survey, scheduled for February, will be distributed to the remaining third of the workforce.
A more comprehensive TVA-wide Organizational Health Index survey will be conducted this spring. This longer OHI survey will be used to further develop plans to support the continuing organizational health improvement effort at TVA.

Ernest Norsworthy

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