TVA FOIA $1000 squeeze play

Ms. Denise Smith
TVA FOIA Officer
Tennessee Valley Authority
Knoxville, Tennessee

February 8, 2011

Dear Ms. Smith;

Thank you for the information about TVA’s fee schedule. As you know, I have asked that any fees in connection with my searches of TVA records be waived. Since you are asking for more justification for that waiver, I would like to point out that in the past 12 months there have been nearly 10,000 verifiable views of my internet site Norsworthy Opinion . This site deals almost exclusively with TVA matters.

I also would like to point out that there probably is not extant a more voluminous compendium of contemporary information about the TVA anywhere, certainly not on the internet which is the “go to” source of all kinds of information today.

Without knowledge of the criteria you use to determine who gets the waivers and who doesn’t, I can only guess that the selections would be biased in favor of the TVA and in this case the TVA Office of the Inspector General.

Please be assured that I have widely disseminated my information about the TVA through the internet and through the many, many links to it. Commentary often is provided to other media that is not available on the Norsworthy Opinion site.

If the waiver and any subsequent waiver requests are denied, use this as a request to specify the criteria or criterion on which the denial was based. I will request a complete justification of any denial of any FOIA waivers. If your denial is based on purely subjective matters as the cause of why my waiver was denied, please explain. Would it make any difference what I offered as reasons for the waiver?

I believe that the information I provide to the public through my website is useful, informative and timely. In addition, many people have written me about one facet or another about the TVA. The diversity is impressive; from former TVA employees, present TVA employees and those who are just interested in knowing more about the TVA.

Also, I plead hardship paying the $1000 fee for your searches. I do not have the luxury of a staff with unlimited resources. I do not believe the information I have requested in the past has taken too much staff time. In the case of the information requested from the TVA OIG, I would think that that information readily would be available and easily within the 20-day allotted time.

Please let me know what you decide; also know that I will not be put off by bureaucratic roadblocks. I’ve been through this maze before.


Ernest Norsworthy


Thanks for the source information about the national FOIA program.

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