“That day will come…”

“That day will come…”

When you think you are deserving more, and you’re not.
When you think you’ve given too much, and you haven’t.
When the hole is too deep, and it isn’t.
When all seems lost and there is no hope, and there is.
When a loved one has crushed you with shame, and love is still there.
When the cry is “Why me? Lord, Why me?”, and there is an answer to figure out.
When the answers are no, no, no, multiple times no, and there will come a “yes”.
When I believe in myself, that I am worth something to somebody.
When I know the future brings health and happiness.
When I believe in the goodness in people and have faith in the future, then there is hope, and that day is today!

©2011 Ernest Norsworthy

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