Tennessean comment on Scarbro letter 2/26/11

Tennessean comment on Scarbro letter 2/26/11

Mr. Scarbro is right on target; for further discussion on this issue and TVA’s recent board meeting in hide-away Murphy, N.C. see Norsworthy Opinion https://norsworthyopinion.com/TVAfailsActtestpowercostsmorethan4regionalelectriccos.aspx

I believe TVA has harvested much wool from many Sheeple for pulling over one’s eyes.

No question but the main focus of TVA right now is on money, lots of it, to keep the ship from completely sinking. (A “sinking fund”?) Financially it is in dissolution territory. TVA is a farce, something like “Desperately Seeking Susan” with amnesia and many pratfalls.

It’s an old line today, but the answers will be found if you “follow the money”, particularly the ratepayers’ money. After all, it is they who keep plugging the holes in the sieve-like ship.

Ernest Norsworthy

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