Oak Ridger comment on legislative trip

Oak Ridger comment on legislative trip by TN house speaker Beth Harwell
January 25, 2011

Once caught in the grip of a whirlpool, it is very difficult to escape. So the stimulus money only delayed the inevitable by throwing Tennessee a rotten rope that was too weak to stop or hold back the tide of public debt.

With nowhere else to go, budget cutters must look at every public expense with the cold eye of reality and start chopping away at all of the dead wood. Everyone knows how it goes, do not spend more than you take in and if you do, find an exit strategy not based on hope but on an ability to liquidate the debt.

Ironically, Tennessee is seated at a table with one of the most spendthrift, mismanaged agencies ever devised. With all of its missions faded to dusty reams of yesterday, TVA is left to its own devices to justify its existence in a new century, innovation far beyond its understanding yet still demanding obeisance required in the TVA Act.

Tennessee seeking competitiveness? First, unblock the retardant TVA so others with the entrepreneurial spirit of a free-market economy can bring their innovations, their own risk-taking abilities.

After the slaves were freed in the South, many of them did not know what to do, what actual freedom really meant and many wanted to stay on the plantations and live their lives of subservience. Then there was an explosion of innovative ideas, of understanding how everyone could participate in the freest country in the world.

I don’t intend to compare slavery with present day Tennesseans only insofar as to point out how over time the Stockholm syndrome can take over any population, how they can be dominated by a superior force and seem to like it.

As an objective observer and one who has studiously delved into the background of the TVA, “what you see is not what you get”.

I am in the process of making a comparative analysis of the TVA Act with TVA’s actions to see how much and how many of them “match up”. I can tell you now, not many of them do.

Tennessee competitiveness? First, get rid of the largest anti-competitive organization in Tennessee and in the South and watch Tennessee grow to its potential without the TVA albatross around its neck.

For more of my writings about the TVA see Norsworthy Opinion at http://norsworthyopinion.com

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Ernest Norsworthy

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