New FOIA Request on Green Power Switch

Ms. Denise Smith
TVA FOIA Officer
Tennessee Valley Authority
January 28, 2011

Subject: New FOIA Request on TVA’s Green Power Switch Program

Dear Ms. Smith;

Thank you for your reply to my follow up request for the remaining items in my original FOIA request of last June. My mistake; I thought my follow up questions were part of my original request.

Listed below are those remaining records to be considered a new FOIA request on TVA’s GPS program:

– The drop off rate of GPS customers by type.
– The separately identifiable accounts where the GPS money is accounted for.
– If there are no separate accounts, the name of the account GPS money resides in.
– The TVA account or accounts the $659,803 was taken from to pay the undersubscribed GPS account.
– The date or dates the $659,803 will be repaid and to which accounts.
– Current unambiguous projections of incoming GPS funds.
– The number of “blocks” of GPS electricity sold in December 2010 or the last month for which this number is available.

Please advise if any of the above items are not clearly enough stated to meet FOIA requirements and what, if any, clarifications need to be made.

Also, please respond to each of the above identified items separately; if answers are unavailable, please so state.

Thank you for your cooperation in assisting in this important FOIA request.


Ernest Norsworthy

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