Kick TVA off the grid…

Kick TVA off the grid – comment on Chattanooga Times Free Press article

Better yet, why not kick the TVA off the grid? After all, it belongs to the U.S. taxpayers. All it takes is for enough ratepayers, that is, the ones who are forced to pay for any frivolous things TVA wants, all it takes is the will to push Goliath out.

At 9 million people strong, it looks like the townspeople have more than the advantage. Egypt’s a good example but they do not have a backup plan so they might be subject to a more unfortunate outcome.

Yes, if it walks like a duck, etc. could it be that it is not AFLAC?

To quote the Bard, “the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”! (Just kidding)

More and more ratepayers are becoming irate with the TVA, its highest paid federal employee in the land, Tom Kilgore, and the whole secretive machinations of TVA’s budget. They only release financial information they choose to, the rest is harder to get than pulling hen’s teeth.

The way TVA acts, you’d think I have deluged them with Freedom of Information Act requests; nope, only two of them currently yet they want me to pay a “fee” of $1,000 for their staff to look up data that readily should be available to the public.

TVA is a horrible example of how the FOIA system is supposed to work. In fact, it is just the kind of stonewalling I’ve gotten from the TVA that brought about the FOIA law in the first place.

But I’m a patient man, the requested information will be outed sooner or later; looks like later at this point.

“Weep, the people”.

Ernest Norsworthy

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