How my TVA articles and comments have benefitted 9 million people in the Southeast*

How my TVA articles and comments have benefitted 9 million people in the Southeast*
January 8, 2011

A tradition in our family used to be that the first one to say “Christmas Gift!” to another member of the family was the “winner” of nothing in particular but with today’s instant communications there’s not much impact.

On the other hand that same communications ability would make it appropriate for me to wish my readers a “Christmas Gift” by elaborating a bit on the great benefits my articles have had on the TVA, its staff, its workers, ratepayers and particularly on the politicos who represent the TVA. Some of these figures may astound you.

n Raised the hackles of ire of media editors for criticizing TVA; 647 editors (Well, actually, not that many but a few)

n Excoriated by one major media magnate, Scripps Howard, for my daring to threaten to publish a book about the TVA entitled “FRAUD”; my punishment? Banned from any of their sites forever! (Actually, I consider that a benefit because it reveals how a whole media outfit can be taken in by the TVA which is sort of scary). Fact.

n The Norsworthy Opinion website says it helped many companies understand that the TVA cannot substantiate its claimed help in the investment of $4.3 billion in economic development projects and attract or retain (or planned for or estimated increase in jobs in Iowa, North Dakota, Illinois and other states under contract by TVA) and 41,000 jobs across the region in fiscal year 2010 (plus or minus a year or two). (As factual as the stuff put out by the TVA)

n That TVA’s economic development support, planned support the next 5 years, or the estimated increase in the contribution to 264,500 new, old or retained jobs east of the Rockies and $27 billion in business investment since 2005 not including the boost to the economies of various states outside TVA’s territory. All in all this really amounts to an estimated, by interpolation, amount equal to the high water mark on the Washington Monument by at least a trillion dollars extra using TVA’s interpolations. (as blown up and out of proportion as I could make it without gagging too much)

n Interpolation of the numbers of visits to my site, Norsworthy Opinion, the past year (over 8000; a “true fact”), it is easy enough to estimate the numbers who actually have acted on my suggestions (4,267; blue sky) and for those planning to join, start, or become more active in the reforming of the TVA, (763,291; wildly optimistic). (Source: Norsworthy Opinion)

n Fact: No one in America has written as many articles about the TVA for the longest period of time as have appeared on the Norsworthy Opinion site, hundreds of articles. (Approaching 10 years)

n Persistence Winner: That award goes to Norsworthy Opinion for persistently bird dogging TVA for information about their Green Power Switch program which is believed to be fraudulent. TVA has yet to relent to inquiries even through the FOIA. Next steps? That will be interesting. (Nothing but a fake award, but the actions and speculations are true) This is how much of a stretch TVA made of an award to two news reporters of a certain newspaper for their FOIA reporting but failed to let the recipients of the award know about it.

n A look ahead; a new website that focuses primarily on the plight of TVA’s ratepayers, those unsung and long suffering users of TVA electricity. TVA secretly plans new approaches to the provision of a basic commodity – electricity – when in fact they fail to recognize their own responsibility to cut costs, keep equipment well maintained and electricity costs low. TVA has proved time and again that it cannot handle that basic responsibility and has embarked on many highly expensive ventures that are nowhere to be found in the TVA Act. Factual.

Sadly, the ratepayers, the ones designated by law to pay for all of TVA’s costly “experiments”, are hardly even acknowledged by TVA to exist. But everything TVA does is in their name. That is hypocritical at the least and probably illegal in substance at the worst. Commentary

So you see, it ain’t easy trying to stay ahead of TVA’s big public relations staff (50 or more, I’ve heard. Of course they’re classified as “communications” employees.) When a federal agency like TVA has to resort to paying for their fake “press releases”, e.g., PR Newswire, you must doubt TVA’s credibility as a purveyor of factual information.

Trickery, fakery, obfuscation are TVA’s stock in trade and the only way to get rid of such a culturally corrupt organization in our American culture is to abolish it, to abolish all of its manifestations by making a paraplegic out of the TVA octopus.

*With enlightened commentary

Ernest Norsworthy

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