Comment Knoxville News Sentinel

Comment Knoxville News Sentinel
February 16, 2011

Now one member shy of a full nine-member complement, the TVA board will lose three more members May 18 of this year. The remaining five directors will meet the quorum requirements to conduct TVA business.

If selections of four replacement directors takes as long as the selection and senate approval of the last four, maybe, just maybe, the full board of nine members will not be reached before the next election. It is unlikely the administration wants to be embroiled in the senate approval process. Five or nine members; makes no difference.

At least Mr. McBride has been truthful about his knowledge that the TVA culture has been bad for so long. Do I think he and the remaining board members can change that culture? I don’t think so and the comments he has made do not give much assurance that it can be possible to change it.

Welcome to the isolation of Murphy, N.C. where TVA smoke and haze never show up, where pristine forests meet pristine air. And maybe North Carolina’s attorney general will stop by to say hello on his way to the U.S. Supreme Court to testify.

Now there’s an example where TVA could have done the right thing by abiding by a federal court ruling.

Murphy, basically a hamlet; nice place to visit but no Internet streaming. Guess we’ll just have to wait until Moses comes down from the mountain to get TVA’s latest edicts. I do know they have “clean” electricity, TVA electricity.

Ernest Norsworthy

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