Perry County, Alabama ash dump

Good morning, Governor Riley,

The comment by the Montgomery Advertiser seems to pit one side against the other, “private” prisons, or the traditional “public” ones. Alabama has had its share of escapees from state prisons and it is hardly time to compare the two.

A larger question is whether we are heading toward government “everything” including the federal government.

For example, the Tennessee Valley Authority, a federal agency, is getting ready to dump tens of thousands of railcars of toxic ash spilled from a coal-fired plant in Tennessee directly to Perry County, Alabama.

Even though the dump site is privately owned, this matter is serious enough to thoroughly understand the implications of TVA’s actions and their consequences to Alabamians.

I have taken the liberty of writing a parody of the beautiful song, “Stars fell on Alabama” and it in no way intends to besmirch that lovely song.

We saw the great big drama
We breathed in a field of grayish white
As ash fell on Alabama
What a sight!

I can’t forget the clamor
My eyes now tender from the site
While ash fell on Alabama
Day and night

We never planned in our imagination
A situation so garishly
A solid waste where no one else could enter
And in the center – ash for you and me

My pulse beat in a grey muck manner
My throat getting ever tight
While ash fell on Alabama
What a sight!

Ernest Norsworthy and